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Carre Water, Inc., a pioneer in the manufacturing of water purification equipments, is located at 18 Shea Way, Suite 104-105, Delaware Industrial Park, Newark, DE 19713, USA. Dr. Henry Bokely, founder of Carre Water, Inc., was an expert in the field of water treatment. He had been engaged in the research of sewage treatment. In the early 80’s, Dr. Bokely founded the Depository Corporation, a water storage company, mainly to engage in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment technology reseach and manufacturing of related equipments. At the end of the last century, the company began to conduct reseach on the purification technology of household water, and has successfully developed a series of household products, including the central water purifier, the central soft water equipment and other end user equipments (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis). In the new century, the company officially changed its name to Carre water, Inc..


CARRE is French cary el square, Place DE la Carriere transliteration words, cary el square was founded in the 16th century the expansion of the south tin city, is a famous square on the stannis's extension, nobles prefer in the construction of residence. This is the home of Mr. Henry Berkeley, the founder of Cali.

Carriel square is an important place for local residents, and Mr. Henry burkley spent most of his childhood in the square. The most memorable thing for Mr. Henry burkley was that he was able to drink the local spring water with his friends when he was a child, and the clarity, sweetness and taste of the water that he never forgot... Later, Mr. Henry burkley intended to focus the research and development of water storage companies on household clean water, so as to ensure the safety and health of more family drinking water.


As a leader in the field of water filtration, Carre Water, Inc. has the world’s most advanced purification technology, independent development system, and creative and professional solutions. The unique structure and fashionable appearance of each product have made the essential difference among other products in the industry. The company has a number of patents globally, even in the United States. The core components and raw materials of the products have already won the NSF, WQA, FDA, UL, ROHS and other international certification authorities.


Carre Water, Inc. has established global sales and service networks, providing customers with professional water solutions sales, installation, maintenance, and product upgrade. To expand the Asian market, Carre Water, Inc. established Kunshan Carre Water Filtration Ltd. as its authorized marketing center in Shanghai, China in 2014. To ensure the quality of the products, all the machines sold in mainland China are wholly imported from the United States, and have passed the inspection of CDC Environmental Health & Related Product with “Imports of Drinking Water Hygiene & Safety Permit”. With its rigorous, professional and technical services, Carre Water, Inc. brand will be whole-heartedly embraced by its loyal customers.


Carre Water Inc. believes that every family should be able to enjoy a healthy and safe drinking water environment. It is also the goal of Carre Water Inc. to service every user in the world with the rigorous attitude and profesional competency. Carre Water Inc. Pure and clean every day.

Factory Add:18 SHEA WAY,STE 104,NEWARK,DE 19713-3448,USA
Factory Add:18 SHEA WAY,STE 104,NEWARK,DE 19713-3448,USA